How Much Does it Cost to Get a Crown Fitted at a UK Dentist?

The average cost of a porcelain crown in the United Kingdom can range from 650 to 800 pounds, depending on the dental office you choose. NHS prices are usually lower, but the waiting times for porcelain crowns can be too long. Dental crowns offer many advantages beyond just a perfect smile, so it's important to visit your dental clinic as soon as possible to assess your dental health. A variation of zirconium crowns is the LAVA crown, which can be made of either porcelain or zirconium dioxide material.

These crowns have been tested in 100 clinical trials over the past 10 years and have proven to be strong and durable. They also have a natural-looking translucent tooth enamel, making them an attractive option. However, they are more expensive than other types of crowns, with prices ranging from 1800 USD in the US and 600 GBP in the UK per individual crown. LAVA zirconium crowns may be slightly less aesthetically pleasing than fully ceramic crowns, but they offer a good balance between aesthetics and strength.

Metal crowns are available through the NHS, but they won't be white. White dental crowns for back teeth start at 550 GBP and up privately. Dentists in the UK and around the world recommend dental crowns to treat various dental issues.

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