What is the Difference Between a UK and US Dentist?

In the United Kingdom, citizens have access to dental care through the NHS, making it much more affordable than in the United States. However, only basic dentistry is covered and cosmetic dentistry comes at a high price and must be paid out of pocket. Additionally, there may not be as many dentists willing to perform cosmetic procedures in the UK as there are in the US. These differences may have more to do with cosmetic preferences than with oral health.

Orthodontics and teeth whitening are popular in the US, but may not be as widespread in the UK. The media has dramatized these differences, with British characters often portrayed with faded smiles and broken teeth, while American actors tend to keep their teeth straight and shiny on screen. For those looking to become a dentist in the US, they must first take three exams. The TOEFL is a two-hour test that can be taken in the UK and evaluates English proficiency.

Even English people have to take it too.

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