How Much Does it Cost to Get Veneers Fitted at a UK Dentist?

If you're looking to get veneers fitted at a UK dentist, you may be wondering how much it will cost. According to the Dental Guide, the cost of composite veneers can range from £150 to £400 per tooth, while porcelain veneers, also known as ceramic veneers, can cost between £500 and £1000 per tooth. Composite options are usually cheaper, as this type of sheet metal tends to have a shorter lifespan and is more likely to stain. You can also get removable veneers that fit your dentist perfectly for around £350 for the top set or £450 for the full set.

Dental Lumineers, on the other hand, can cost between £800 and £1200 per tooth. Luminaires are a particular type of porcelain that is used for veneers that do not need perforations and are therefore not suitable for everyone. Many general dentists offer veneers as part of their services, although you may choose to go to a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

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