How Much Does it Cost to Get a Filling at a UK Dentist?

Getting a filling at a dentist in the UK can be a costly affair. The cost of a filling depends on the type of treatment required and the region you are in. In England and Wales, the cost of a filling is determined by a band system. A Band 1 treatment includes an examination, diagnosis, and counseling.

It also covers any treatments that are necessary, such as x-rays, scaling, and rinsing (if clinically necessary). This type of treatment is usually priced at £21.60 in England and £15.90 in Wales. A Band 2 treatment includes all the treatments included in Band 1, plus additional treatments such as fillings, root canal treatment, and tooth extraction. In England, this type of treatment is usually priced at £65.20, while in Wales it is priced at £47.

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